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My name is Martha Mghendi-Fisher. I am an experienced professional with over a decade working in cards & payments. I am Dutch-Kenyan; born in Taita, Kenya and immigrated to The Netherlands in 2008.

My mission at The Fintologist is guiding banks, financial institutions, retailers, acquirers, fintechs, issuers, payment service providers to understand products, rules and regulations with understanding, trust and thoughtfulness. I do this through thought-leadership, keynotes, workshops, strategic planning, training and consultancy.

My services are individually tailored and personalised to meet the needs of each and every particular client.  By dedicated my attention to one client at a time, per topic, I am able to offer my 100% focus on providing the best guidance that will meet your needs.

By carrying out comprehensive consultations, I work together with each client to help identify gaps and opportunities, carry out overview and review of existing products and services, and give genuine and authentic advise in situations where particular products or services are no longer profitable. The result of the exercise is to aid in creating a comprehensive report that includes a project plan with  timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule. This offers realistic, tangible and measurable action plan. That’s how I ensure your success.

Having been born and raised in Kenya, an emerging market, then later immigrating and working in The Netherlands, I offer a very unique advantage of presenting views and opportunities from both emerging and developed markets. 

Business I don't accept– Gambling, Adult, Lotteries, Telemarketing, Unethical companies

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